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Welcome to, your virtual classroom. The following Service Terms & Condition (T&C) governs registration, subscription and usage of the eLessons portal and all its content, service and the video classes (“product”). The eLessons portal hereinafter referred as “Portal” is owned and operated by having their registered office at: #03, First Floor, Westgate Heights, Sturrock Road Falnir, Mangalore-575001 Karnataka, India (“eLessons”). By visiting our Portal and accessing the contents you engage our Services and agree to be bound by the following rules, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time including all those additional T&C and policies referenced herein and available on this site by eLessons; These T&C apply to all users of the site, including without limitation users who are browsers, Vendors, and/or contributors to the contents.

Our products are offered subject to your acceptance without modification of all of the T&C contained herein and all other operating on this site by eLessons;

Please read the below T&C carefully before accessing or subscribing to our product. By using any part of this site and by registering with our portal you agree to be bound by these Terms of Services. It is presumed that if you do not agree on any point of this T&C then the access to the website is prohibited. It is considered that if the below terms of services are considered as an offer, then the acceptance is expressly limited to below Terms of Service;

eLessons has entered or may enter into partnership with service providers in the other parts of the world to provide and deliver its services. Please read the T&C carefully before accessing the portal or subscribing the product. By registering with the portal, you agree to become bound by the T&C. You agree to review the T&C periodically to ensure that you are aware of any amendments to this agreement, which may be made at any time.

Any New features, tools, products which are updated and inserted to the Portal shall also be subject to the said T&C.


Upon your paid subscription, we grant you the access to use the subscribed products. This access is limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable, and is subject to the rights and obligations granted under these T&C. This access is personal to you and cannot be shared or exchanged with others

You are restricted from Copying, Modifying, transmitting distributing or in any way exploit the Products or any other material available on this Portal without prior written permissions from eLessons. You are also restricted from permitting anyone else to copy, use, modify, transmit, distribute or in any way exploit the Products or any other materials available on the Portal.

We provide the materials ‘as is’ and without any warranties, whether express or implied. We also do not warrant that the materials will be error free, including technical inaccuracies.


The minimum age to access or use our services is 18 years. If you are under 18 years of age (or the age of legal majority where you live), you are permitted to access or use our services only under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian or such other person who agrees and understands to be bound by these Terms. If you are a parent or legal guardian or any other person guiding a user under the age of 18 (or the age of legal majority), you agree to be fully responsible for the acts or omissions of such user in connection with our Services


We will take all commercially reasonable steps to provide you with uninterrupted access to the Products. However, your access may be restricted from time to time for reasons beyond our control. Such reasons include force majeure events, power outages and actions from computer hackers and others acting outside the law. Your access may also be interrupted due to software issues, server downtime, increased Internet traffic, programming errors, regular maintenance and other related reasons. Where this is the case, we will take commercially reasonable steps to restore your full access within a reasonable period of time. ‘Commercially reasonable’ in these terms shall mean reasonable efforts taken in good faith, without an unduly burdensome use or expenditure of time, resources, personnel or money.

Our joint aim is to provide the Product of the highest quality. As such, improvements or changes to the Products or any other materials may occur at any time without prior notification in order to ensure that they are up to date and error free.


All rights, title and interest in Intellectual Property Rights relating to the Products including copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, improvements, developments, proprietary information, know-how, processes, methods, business plans or models (including computer software and preparatory and design materials thereof) and all other intellectual property (whether registered or not) developed or created from time to time shall exclusively be owned by eLessons.

Nothing that you see or read in the Products may be copied, reproduced, modified, distributed, transmitted, republished, displayed or performed for commercial use.

All other trademarks, service marks and trade names in this material are the marks of the respective owners and any unauthorised use is prohibited.

The T&C do not transfer from eLessons to you any eLessons or third party intellectual property, and all right, title and interest in and to such property will remain (as between the parties) solely with eLessons.  eLessons video lectures, learning material, logo, trademarks, service marks used in connection with the portal are properties of eLessons. Other trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used in connection with the portal may be the trademarks of other third parties.

The copyright in the material contained in the courses, together with the design, text and graphics and all software compilation belong to eLessons. All rights are reserved. None of this material including video classes subscribed by the subscriber may be copied, saved in any device, shared with a third party, reproduced or redistributed.

If you download the course material from the portal, all the material and data are deemed to be licensed to you by eLessons for your personal, non-commercial use during the subscription validity period only. eLessons does not transfer either the title or the intellectual property rights of the course and eLessons retains full and complete title to the courses as well as all the intellectual property rights therein. You may not sell, redistribute or reproduce or convert any of the material.


To access to eLessons, users must register with the portal by providing mandatory information as requested in the registration area of the portal. In case the student is a minor (less than the age of 18 years), registration process to be done with the guidance of parent or guardian. By registering with the portal, you agree that you are an adult student, OR the registration is being done with the permission and supervision of parent or guardian. By subscribing to eLessons you agree that you are an adult student, OR you are subscribed with permission and supervision of parent or guardian.

In order to complete the registration, the user requires to provide a valid e-mail address as user ID and 8-digit password. Also need to provide a valid mobile number to validate the user via one-time password (OTP). OTP will be sent to the mobile number for validation of the Account.

Upon successful registration of the account, account gets activated which will be accessible by log in with user name and password. Once the account is activated you will be solely responsible for all the activities done using the account. If you doubt on the unauthorised use of the account, the same has to be intimated to eLessons at the earliest. eLessons will not be liable for any acts or omissions by you, including any damages of any kind incurred as a result of such acts or omissions.


By registering to eLessons, you also consent to receive communications from eLessons via voice call, email or by posting notices on our portal. These communications include notices about your account and are part of your relationship with us. You agree that any notices, agreements, disclosures or other communications that we send to you electronically or by voice call will satisfy any legal communication requirements, including, but not limited to, that such communications be in writing.


We use third party service/ payment providers, depending on the way in which you make payments. Payment for the Products must be made at the point of purchase/subscription.

Pricing of the product will vary for each geography. We expect the you to buy the product from your respective country of residence and use the product in the same country. Buying the product from a country which is different from country of your residence to avail pricing benefit is illegal and breach of T&C. If the purchase is made from a country other than the country of your residence for pricing benefit, you are here by authorizing eLessons to suspend your account or adjust the tenure of the product expiry according to the pricing of user’s country of residence.

We reserve our right to review and change the pricing of any of our products. This will not affect products that have already been purchased.


Subscribed lessons are valid till the end of the academic year. For instance, if a student subscribes in the month of June and his/her academic year ends in the next year March, the subscription will be valid until end of March. Similarly, if subscribed in the month of January and the academic year ends in March of same year, the subscription will be valid only until the end of March of the same year.


Pricing of the product will vary for each geography. In this context the geography mean & includes the country/state/location from where the user is registering & using the Portal. We expect the user to purchase the product from their respective country of residence and use the product in the same country. Buying the product from a country which is not user’s country of residence to avail pricing benefit, is considered illegal and breach of our terms of use. If the purchase is made from a country other than the country of residence for pricing benefit, user here by authorize eLessons to adjust the tenure accordingly in line with the product pricing of country of user’s residence or to suspend the user from using the portal.


eLessons is replica of a regular classroom thus, our curriculum is designed according to lesson plan/progress of respective class and board. Thus, the Video lessons will be uploaded accordingly and will be made available/active to the users according to the lesson plans. Therefore, it is not necessary that video lessons of the full academic year of a subject or class is active to view immediately upon the subscription. Since the video upload is link to syllabus and lesson progress, future lessons may show as “inactive”.


Product once purchased cannot be cancelled nor can be transferred to other individual. Free demo and free trail sessions provided on website helps you in line to take upfront decision if the product is according to your requirement.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the system requirements, including compatible hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and Internet service, prior to purchasing any content. We are unable to provide refunds for whatsoever reason


Discount coupons are provided at the sole discretion of eLessons subject to the T&C. Discount coupons are non- transferable and will not be re-issued if lost or expired.


Free Trail Class is valid for a period of five days from the date of subscription of Free Trail. The free trail of the video class will be available for registered Users only once to judge its quality, clarity, comfort and teaching method. The free trail helps the student to make a decision upfront prior to a paid subscription. However, please note that the Trail version may vary from the regular video classes, teaching method, teaching staff etc.

Demo classes are available in the portal to review for any visitor who visits the portal without any registration. Demo class will give an idea upfront about the video class with regard to/ such as teaching method, quality, clarity etc.


eLessons classes are non-interactive and no option available to interact with teachers. Students will have the option to view the video classes as per their convenience and will be available in their dashboard till the end of the academic year


The data supplied by the users at the time of registration will be kept with strict confidence and will not be shared with a third party. The data will be used to understand the user’s status, verify the information and to communicate with users wherever required. Email and contact numbers will also be used to communicate special promotions, product and services of eLessons wherever applicable.


Any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, original or creative materials or other information you submit about eLessons or our products or Services is non-confidential and will become the sole property of eLessons. We will own exclusive rights, including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights, in and to Feedback and will be entitled to the unrestricted use and dissemination of Feedback for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without acknowledgment or compensation to you.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless eLessons, its teachers, its contractors, its licensors, and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims and expenses including attorneys’ fees, arising out of your use of the portal, including but not limited to your violation of the T&C.


eLessons will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the data in the courses is accurate and to correct any errors or omissions as soon as practicable after being notified of them. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties and representations (whether express or implied) as to the accuracy of any information contained in the courses. We do not guarantee that the material will be fault free and do not accept liability for any errors or omissions.

We do not give any warranty that the portal is free from viruses or anything else, which may have a harmful effect on any technology. eLessons makes no representation whatsoever regarding the content of any other websites, which you may access from the courses. A link to a non eLessons website does not mean that eLessons endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or use of such websites.


All disputes arising out of or in any way connected with this agreement shall be deemed to have arisen in Mangalore and only courts in Mangalore, Karnataka, India shall have jurisdiction to determine the same. Any claim arising out of or related to these terms or service must be filed within 90 days from the date of such claim arise, beyond which the claim is permanently barred to assert any claim.


Any dispute, Controversy or Claim arising out of or relating to this contract including any question regarding its existence, interpretation, validity, breach or termination arising under this Agreement shall be resolved by Arbitration by a Sole Arbitrator in India in accordance with the Provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as may be amended from time to time shall be applicable.

Any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be resolved by arbitration by a single Arbitrator in India in accordance with the then current rules of the Indian Arbitration.  In the event that any party fails to submit any dispute arising from this agreement to mediation first, or fails to meaningfully participate in mediation, that party will not be entitled to attorney’s fees as provided in this paragraph. Any judgment upon the award entered by the arbitrator may be entered in any Court having jurisdiction. Costs of arbitration, including reasonable attorney's fees incurred in arbitration as determined by the Arbitrator, together with any reasonable attorney's fees incurred by prevailing party in Court enforcement of the arbitration award after it is rendered by the Arbitrator, shall be paid to the prevailing party by the party designated by the Arbitrator or Court.


eLessons will not be liable under any theory of liability whether based in contract, tort, negligence, warranty or otherwise for any indirect, consequential, incidental, or special damages or lost profits, even if eLessons or the other Channel Parties have been advised of the possibility of such damages. The total liability of eLessons for any claim arising out of or relating to these Terms or our Services, regardless of the form of the action, is limited to the amount paid, if any, by you to access or use our Services.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between eLessons and you concerning the subject matter herewith hereof. If any part of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, that part will be construed to reflect the parties’ original intent, and the remaining portions will remain in full force and effect.

A waiver by either party of any term or condition of this Agreement or any breach thereof, in any one instance, will not waive such terms or conditions or any subsequent breach thereof.

This Agreement will be binding upon and will inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors and permitted assigns.