Frequently Asked Questions is an online teaching platform developed by The Virtual Classroom is designed and developed based on cutting-edge technology to deliver online video classes to the secondary and senior secondary students to prepare and coach them to excel in their Board and Competitive Exams. Virtual Classroom by eLessons is nothing but your traditional chalk-board classroom online.
Since eLessons is a Virtual Classroom accessible from across the globe, students can subscribe on the portal which offers ingress to eLessons from any part of the world.
The video classes are recorded in a multimedia digital classroom regularly, by highly qualified, trained and experienced teachers. The recorded classes are uploaded to our Virtual Classroom in tandem with the student’s academic curriculum.
eLessons classes are structured as 20 to 30 minutes recorded video classes for each chapter of a subject. The classes are being uploaded to the portal on a regular basis in line with actual school syllabus. For instance, if chapter 5 is taught in school this week, the same topic will be available for the students to view in this week with our Virtual Classroom as active classes to view.
Subscription is restricted to monthly or annual subscription only. Students can subscribe to his/her choice of subject available for subscription. However, students will have no option to subscribe chapter-wise. This is pretty much like how one avails/attends monthly tuition from a tuition centre or home tuition provider.
Students can visit and login to the Virtual Classroom by using the user ID and password. They can view all the active sessions for their respective grade and buy the same by using credit/debit card through a secured payment gateway. Once subscribed for a lesson/subject, students can view the video class at their own pace and time.
At present we offer CBSE grade 8th to 10th PCMB and 11th to 12th PCMB, PCMC and Commerce Subjects. English Grammar is being offered as complimentary along with Annual Pack which is common across all grades. Please check "Course Content" on the home page for more details. More content will be added on due course of time.
eLessons Virtual Classroom is designed and devolved after a structured survey/opinion poll from students, parents and teachers. Based on the outcome of the survey, we have avoided animations, graphics and other special effects to give a feel of traditional classroom online. Student will have the same feeling of attending a chalk-board classroom through the Virtual Classroom.
eLessons is your traditional classroom, online and at the comfort of your home. Student can access the class anytime, anywhere. There is no need of traveling out to attend a traditional tuition centre or home tuition where parents are always worried about their children. Parents can watch the development and activities from home. Moreover, eLessons classes are highly affordable - less than one-third of the cost of a traditional or home tuition.
eLessons is not a fully interactive platform. One-to-one interaction with teachers is not available.
eLessons classes are non-interactive. Students will have the option to view the video classes as per their convenience and will be available in their dashboard till the end of the academic year.
Parents, Guardian or students (18+ years) can subscribe to eLessons video classes by using credit card or debits cards. eLessons accept Master, Visa and Amex cards. Parents will have the option to pay from their local currency or US Dollar to make the payment online.
Active classroom is available for a free trail for certain period in addition to free demo class. This will help the student and parents judge the quality and comfort of the eLessons upfront. Therefore, once the lessons are subscribed, there is no option for a refund, cancellation or transfer to another individual.
Free Trial is an additional comfort we provide to our students. Free Trial will help the student and parents in the decision-making process. Every registered student can avail the free trial only once. Free trial will be available for five days where they will get access to the Virtual Classroom and they can view active classes of their respective grade.
We have designed eLessons keeping in mind the need of all of the students thus making it affordable. eLessons classes will cost less than one third of a traditional tuition fee or home tuition fees. Moreover, it will save substantial money on travel, books and materials. Price of the lessons available is quoted in the website.
Based on the outcome of our opinion poll we have made eLessons simple. There are no mandatory exams, tests or assignments. But certainly, to make the student well versed with the subject matter we have problem or exercise solving included in the classes. Also DCS will cover most of the doubts.
eLessons may offer special discount coupons for Schools, Organisations, and Clubs etc. from time to time. Students may also get discounts for multiple subject subscriptions, annual subscriptions or sibling subscriptions etc. Special discounts are subject to eLessons sole discretion and its terms and conditions. Such special promotions will be announced in its website time to time.
eLessons is replica of a regular classroom thus, our curriculum is designed according to lesson plan/progress of respective class and board. Thus, the Video lessons will be uploaded accordingly and will be made available/active to the students. Therefore, it is not necessary that video lessons of the full academic year of a subject or class is active to view immediately upon the subscription. Since the video upload is link to syllabus and lesson progress, future lessons may show as “inactive”.
eLessons provides videos in 1080p Full HD resolution. However the Inbuilt video player in the portal will play the video quality in “Auto”, where it determines your network speed and adjusts the resolution accordingly in order to provide you a smooth streaming experience without buffering. However if you still experience buffering, please lower the resolution manually. Please note that lowering the resolution will not cause any loss in audio quality.
Subscribed lessons are valid till the end of the academic year. For instance, if a student subscribes in the month of June and his/her academic year ends in the next year March, the subscription will be valid until end of March. Similarly, if subscribed in the month of January and the academic year ends in March of same year, the subscription will be valid only until March of the same year.
Once registered with eLessons, the system will create a dashboard for each user. The dashboard will have information such as student details, lessons subscribed, validity, last login, payment details and any other communications from eLessons.
One subscription is valid for one student, it is not exchangeable. Therefore, sharing with another person, copying, saving and printing etc. are restricted and illegal as per the agreed terms and conditions and usage policy.
eLessons can be accessed from any Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Phones and Tabs. We encourage to access from desktop or laptop with hands free/headphone for better result. Needless to mention an internet connection is required to access the class.
We have a technical help desk to attend to all your technical issues and queries. You can contact via email, live chat or WhatsApp. Your queries will be attended within 24 hours.
We have a dedicated call centre to attend to all your queries. You can reach out to our call centre through email, WhatsApp or live chat from website. Alternatively, you can visit our FAQ where most of your queries may be addressed.
Subscription for eLessons is both simple and free. Students must visit the website and register as “Student Login”. Upon clicking on the “Student Login”, a window will pop-up where you must provide the required details. Please note that all the fields are mandatory. Value for certain fields such as School Name, Country, and City etc. can be picked from the drop-down menu. User name must be your valid email ID. Upon submitting, an OTP will be generated by the system and will be sent to your registered mobile number to validate the same. Once the OTP is entered successfully, the registration process will be completed. You will get an email confirmation to the registered email on the same. Once you login to the Virtual Classroom, you can view the free trial and subscribe the lessons of your choice.
Students can give their feedback by clicking on the ‘Feedback’ link provided in the right-top corner of the respective video. eLessons values user feedback and the same will be used for the quality enhancement purposes.