About E-Lessons

Traditional coaching systems, such as home tuition, coaching centres and tutorials are slowly losing their ground as parents, students and teachers embrace the technology of virtual class which is convenient, time saving and cost effective. Single LMS can serve thousands of students all over the world with minimal costs and effort.

Students from primary classes to secondary are now actively leveraging Websites and Apps in their search for best tutors. In the last few years, the approach of the parent, teacher, and student fraternity has been veering towards the online world, especially in the West, Europe Middle East & India.

E-lessons.net is an online teaching platform designed and developed by using the cutting-edge technology to deliver online video classes to the secondary and senior secondary students. In its first phase, E-Lessons aiming to coach the Indian students residing in India & outside India to excel in their studies, improve their performance in board exams and to prepare them for the competitive exams in a very traditional way yet Online.

No trouble of finding the right teacher, No need of traveling to the coaching centre, No heavy traffic jam, Affordable fee structure... all at a click away from home. Virtual Classroom by E-Lessons is nothing but your traditional chalk-board classroom online


To be one of the leading edu-tech companies in the field of online tutoring to impart knowledge and power to students at an affordable cost; which will eventually evolve as a virtual school


E-Lessons strives to empower students to acquire great progress by online learning without the constraints of time and place

  • By providing cutting-edge technology to seamless access to traditional online classroom
  • By employing highly skilled teaching staff, content and syllabus
  • By ensuring the affordability to every student


  • E - Empower
  • L - Lead
  • E - Enhance
  • S - Share
  • S - Strive
  • O - Outreach
  • N - Nurture
  • S - Serve